Standard Pest Control Services/Working Standards:
SPC is a licensed professional pest control company with 4 years experience in this field. SPC has a group of certified and qualified pest Controllers. As a licensed pest control company and member of the National Pest Management Association, Inc. USA (NPMA – the World leading association for the Pest Control industry), the SPC adhere to the all current pest control legislation and strictly abide by the NPMA’s Code of Conduct.

As a Professional NPMA member, all SPC’s Pest Controllers must:
1: Adhere to the NPMA Industry Code of Practice;
2: Provide detailed advice on Pest Prevention Measures;
3: Provide comprehensive reporting systems covering all treat aspects;
4: Meet legal and ‘due diligence requirements, comply with legislation and avoid any prosecution.
5: Be safe, ensuring staff, customers and members of the public are protected through hazards & risks assessments in the work place;

Standard Pest Control Services has public and employer legal responsibility and are up to date with the hazards & risks assessments in the work place for the use and applications of all utilized products.
‘Specific Risk and Method Statements’ are written for each individual job where applicable.

Our commitments & obligations at the Standard Pest Control Services Co.:
it is our commitment and obligation to keep the factories, homes and businesses of Afghanistan pest and vermin free so that our agricultural and commercial heritage can continue profitably, safely and hygienically.

Farming, local businesses and education
 are a vital element of the Afghanistan economy and at the Standards Pest Control Services Co. we play our part in supporting that vital economy by providing safe, effective and environmentally sensitive pest control services to our clients.