Our Pest Control Services Professional Team:
At the Standard Afghan Numu Pest Control Services Company, our belief is that experience and knowledge count for everything, therefore every member of our team is a qualified and experienced Pest Control specialist.
We are a small team of 17 persons with good work ethics & active comprising of qualified and experienced Pest Control Operatives (PCOs), with one member of our team having served in this field in Afghanistan for over 20 years!
Our pest control team members have been providing pest managements services to our clients for many years. They have excellent knowledge of the Afghanistan pest farms and businesses and have a deep understanding and appreciation for the problems caused by pest to local residents and businesses. Additionally, we are in close contacts with NAYAB Pest Control Services Company in Pakistan having International fumigation& pest management experts with PHD degrees.
1. Ahmad Syar Anwari, MBA, CEO Standard Pest Control Services Co. 10 years working experiences in agribusiness and pest control services.
2. Moh. Iqbal Karimi, MSc. in plant protection from the University of Pannonia, Hungry.
3. Prof. Ghulam Rasul Faizi, Head of Pest Control Dept. Faculty of Agriculture, Kabul.
4. Assadullah Ahmadi, Bsc. in plant protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Kabul.
5. Mohebullah Faqiri, B Sc. Plant Protection Department, Agriculture Faculty, Kabul University, Pest/rodent control & fumigation services Specialist.

Professional and trained workers on safe pesticide application:
We at Standard Pest Control Services Co. have a team of certified professional and trained workers. They have all attended and successfully completed the training workshops in the safe use & application of pesticides where they were given awareness about chemical products & their application. The training sessions were organized by Afghanistan Farm Services Alliance project & CNFA (US Company) with the support of USAID & the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation & Livestock of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We can provide their original certificates upon client request.